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Featured 'Bad Credit' Credit Card:

Featured Credit Cards for Bad Credit

Credit Cards for Bad Credit

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** The UK Credit Card Centre has been designated as a Credit Intermediary under the Consumer Credit Directive(CCD) of 2011. The UK Credit Card Centre receives commissions from credit card referrals/applications and credit card sales. The UK Credit Card Centre is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

Bad Credit Articles

                                                     Representative Example fields
Name Purchase
Balance Transfer Rate Representative APR / Annual Interest Rate Maximum Credit Limit Fee/Fee Type Card Info Card Benefits Apply
Capital One Capital One Classic Card Capital One Classic Credit Card 34.9% p.a. (variable) 34.9% p.a. (variable) Representative example 34.9% p.a. (variable) on card purchases. Equivalent to 34.9% APR representative (variable) based on a credit limit of £1200 From £200 to £1,500 No Annual Fee Get control over your finances with our low-limit, easy-to-manage credit card. Great for people who want to build or rebuild their credit rating.

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Aquis Aquis Credit Card Aquis Credit Card 29.8% p.a. 29.8% p.a. Purchase annual interest rate 29.8% (variable); Amount of credit £1000; Representative 29.8% APR (variable). Easy to manage credit limit between £250 and £1,000 (subject to status) No Annual Fee Managing your money couldn’t be simpler with an Aquis Visa card. You’ll have 24/7 control of your account with Online and SMS Account Management. And if you’re new to credit or have had a few credit issues lately, the Aquis Visa card will help you get back on track. .

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You don't have to fear credit cards, or credit card companies. There are companies in the market place that really do want to help you with your credit problems. But you must get involved in your day to day credit decisions.  Both Capital One and Vanquis have designed credit cards to help you get your credit history back on track.  Both are designed to help you with your credit, both have approval criteria that you need to meet. So review each card and determine which card is right for your unique situatiuon. Remember you have the power to fix your credit. Start today, we can help..... For additional credit help, please visit our Credit Help Page
Dont worry, get the credit card you want
Worrying about your credit problems is not going to solve them. The following Credit Cards are for individuals with Bad Credit or simply put, less than perfect credit. Simply qualifying for a credit card will not help you build, re-build or re-establish your credit. The key to improving your credit rating and subsequent credit history is making on-time payments with all of your creditors and maintaining your account balances well below the credit limits. This is the key to changing your financial future, and fixing your credit history. The following credit cards will help you in your desire for better credit, and help you improve your credit rating.
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Capital One Classic Card
Capital One
Capital One Classic Visa Card - The Capital One Classic card can get your credit back on track by improving your credit rating, and credit history.

  • No Annual Fee
  • Up to £2,500 in spending power
  • Free Identity Theft Service
  • Register Online for Free Identity Alerts powered by Equifax

    Representative example
    • £1,200 credit limit
    • 34.9% APR Representative variable
    • 34.94% p.a. variable on purchases
    This is an example only, you may receive a different credit limit Before you apply, check you're eligible. We're more likely to accept you if:
    • You're over 18
    • You have some history of managing your credit even if you have had CCJs or defaults in the past
    • You are on the electoral roll
    We're not likely to accept you if:
    • You've never had credit in the UK before
    • You have been declared bankrupt in the last 12 months
    1 page application - 1 minute response... Apply Now!

    Click Here for More Details!! - The Capital One Classic Visa is for people who need to, or would like to strengthen their credit rating
  • Bad Credit Advice

    Refused credit? The Credit Card Centre could be the solution to help you get credit

    Many people find us after they have been refused credit by other companies. Perhaps you need credit, but because you have a poor credit history or no credit history, or are on a low income, credit cards might seem out of your reach.

    You might have heard the term 'sub prime credit' - industry-speak for someone with no credit history or poor credit history; who finds it difficult to obtain credit from mainstream lenders. We see things differently and treat each case on its own merit

    How to Improve Your Credit Rating

    Before you set out to improve your credit rating, it's important to find out why it is low. If you don't know, ask to see your credit reference file to find out. (See what can you do about a bad credit score to find out how to do this.) Assuming you know why you have a poor credit score, there are a number of simple steps you can take to help improve your credit rating and build credit history:
    • Make sure you are on the electoral roll. It only takes a few minutes to register with your local council and it will help to improve your credit score over time

    • Pay bills on time. This will begin to improve your credit history and will again give you an improved credit rating over time

    • Be careful about the number of times you apply for credit. Every application is logged on your file and too many applications may not help your credit rating

    • When applying for credit never give false details, always tell the truth. If there are inconsistencies with past credit applications or details that are held on checking systems differ from your application it will effect your credit score

    • Start to build a credit history over time and when you check your credit reference file you should find an improved credit score

    • How can you improve credit ratings if you can't get credit?

    • Specialist credit cards like our Vanquis Visa Card are specially designed for people with bad credit. Even if you have been turned down by other companies, you may be accepted by us. As long as you manage the card properly, stay within your credit limits and pay promptly, this is a good way to build credit history and to improve your credit rating.

    Managing Your Finances to Repair Adverse Credit Score

    It’s easy to find yourself with adverse credit, but what can you do about it? Applying for an adverse credit card is one way to build your credit rating (see how to improve your credit rating page) but you should also be thinking about addressing how you got into this situation in the first place.

    Tips on how to manage your finances more effectively

    For some people, adverse credit starts as a result of a one-off event, like divorce or a health problem which puts strain on personal finances, but for many others, adverse credit is a result of mis-managing personal finances.

    Adverse credit is not as uncommon as you may think. The Citizen’s Advice Bureaus deal with over 5,000 people with debt problems everyday; average household debt (excluding mortgages) in the UK is over £8,000 and rising*. Rather than ignoring your situation and living with impaired credit and the complications it can bring, why not take a few simple steps to manage your finances better:

  • Set yourself sensible financial goals. Where do you want to be in 1 month, 3 months, 1 year and 3 years?

  • Write down your outgoings - the money you need to get by each month. Include all the essentials like mortgage/rent, council tax and utility bills, food shopping, travel to work.

  • Look at the money you have coming in; if it’s more than your outgoings, take the remainder and give yourself a budget to include on clothes, going out, paying off credit debts or building savings etc.

  • If the money coming in is less than your outgoings, think about what you can do to reduce your outgoings
    • Why not search online price comparison sites for items you’re looking to buy, in order to get the cheapest price

    • Search out the cheapest gas/electricity/water providers as you could make substantial savings throughout the year

    • How about turning your heating down a degree or two to reduce your heating bill and at the same time help the environment

    • Are there any non essential items that you can cut back on i.e. do you really need that extra pair of shoes?!
  • Or try increasing the money you have coming in;
    • Maybe a new job

    • Gain some overtime at work

    • Can you turn an interest or hobby into an income earner

    • Could you have a car boot sale and raise money from old knick-knack’s that you no longer need or use

    If it all seems too difficult - get advice. Your nearest Citizens Advice Bureau will be happy to talk through your financial situation and advise you what you can do about your debts.

    What not to do
    Whatever you do, don’t ignore demands for money, credit debts, council tax bills or the like. This is the fastest way to end up in an adverse credit situation, which is often avoidable. If you are having trouble paying debts, always talk to the company or entity involved or get independent advice.
    Capital One Classic Card Details:
    • Get back on track by improving your credit rating.
    • Up to £2,500 in spending power
    • Typical 34.9% APR variable
    • Credit limit increase - Manage your account well † and we'll increase your credit limit on your 4th statement.
    • Free Identity Theft Service
    • Register Online for Free Identity Alerts powered by Equifax
    • No annual fee.
    Capital One Classic Card Approval Criteria:
    • I have had little credit in the past, for example: I have an overdraft but no credit cards
    • I have had credit problems in the past, OR
    • I have no credit history, for example:
      • I have never used credit in the past
      • I am a student
      • I am new to the country

    • Any Income Considered
    • At least 18 years of age
    Vanquis Visa Card Details:
    • No annual fee
    • A credit limit assigned at a fixed amount to help you stay in control
    • Up to 56 days interest free on purchases
    • Free additional cardholder
    • Free fraud monitoring - we'll warn you of any suspicious activity on your account
    • Chip & PIN technology for added security whenever you use your card
    • typical 39.9% APR variable based on a typical credit limit of £250
    Vanquis Visa Card Approval Criteria:
    • You must have not applied within the past 6 months
    • You are 18 years of age or over
    • You are a permanently resident in the UK
    • You do have a landline phone number
    • You are registered on the voters roll
    • You do not have an outstanding County Court Judgment against their name or one that has cleared within the past year.
    Aquis Visa Card Details:
    • You'll start with an easy to manage credit limit up to £1,000
    • You could get a credit limit increase on your 4th statement. Conditions apply
    • nd further increases every 4 months, up to £3,000. Conditions apply
    • We'll help you build a good credit history to improve your credit rating
    • SMS and Online Account Managemen
    • 24/7 Fraud Watch
    • We help people who want to build their credit rating. And have already helped over 1 million people
    • We provide a sensible way to stay in control of your money
    • Representative 29.8% APR (variable)
    Aquis Visa Card Approval Criteria:
    • You have not been previously been declined for an Aquis, Vanquis or granite Card within the past 6 months
    • You are 18 years of age or over
    • You are a permanently resident in the UK
    • You are registered on the voters roll
    • You do not have an outstanding County Court Judgment against their name or one that has cleared within the past year.
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