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aqua Credit Card

We know there are many reasons why you might have trouble getting credit from other companies. You might be self employed, not on the electoral roll, on a low income or have previous bad credit including County Court Judgments (CCJs).

As a specialist lender, whatever your financial situation, at aqua we take a closer look to see if we can give you the credit you need and can afford – that’s why we have already been able to help more than 150,000 customers. We can’t promise to say yes, but we can guarantee that we’ll try, even if you have been refused credit before or are:
  • self employed and find it difficult to prove a regular income
  • a homemaker or full-time career
  • working part-time or on a low income currently unemployed
  • at a new address or not on the electoral roll
  • new to credit. i.e. no previous credit history
  • a student
  • recently moved to the UK affected by previous bad credit, including County Court Judgments (CCJs)
Apply Now for the Aqua Card
aqua Card benefits:
  • A MasterCard with no annual fee
  • A credit limit of up to £2,200
  • No interest will be charged on purchases if every statement balance is paid in full by the payment date
  • Manageable monthly payments
  • Flexible payment dates
  • A friendly 24-hour customer helpline
Please note that aqua are unlikely to accept applications from:
  • Anyone with an income over 6k a month
  • People who have never had a loan or a credit card or a mortgage or a vehicle loan
  • Anyone with more than 20k in debts (not including mortgages)
  • People over 100% utilized
  • People with credit defaults within the past 10 months
Improve Your Credit Rating with the aqua Card
Did you know that being approved for an aqua Card can help you to improve your credit rating?

Each time you apply for credit, a lender will use a credit reference agency to check your financial history and assess the risks involved with lending to you. If you make late payments or miss them altogether, they are noted on your credit report and may work against your credit rating. Likewise, making payments on time can have a positive effect on your credit rating. People with no known credit history may also be classed as higher-risk because credit reference agencies have no information to go on.

The good news is that using an aqua Card responsibly, by making payments on time and staying within your credit limit, can help contribute to a better credit rating. With the right strategy, you could improve your credit rating in as little as six months.

For more information on how to access your own credit report, learn more about the information credit reference agencies store about you, understand why you may be refused credit and how to improve your credit rating, and the importance of maintaining a good credit history go to Managing your debts and Improving your Credit Rating.

Representative 35.9%APR variable

You must make at least the minimum payment each month which is an amount equal to the total of any interest, default charges plus 1% of the balance shown on your statement (minimum £5). If your balance is less than £5 then you must repay the full amount

Apply for the aqua Credit Card
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